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WARNING! NEVER JOIN AN AGENCY BEFORE READING THIS - THERE ARE SOME VERY POOR ONES - EVEN some  VERY EXPENSIVE ONES. Click on "links" above for information on how to avoid the scam dating agencies. Below is a list of the main established professional dating agencies in the U.K.



The Executive Club of St James's see our main web site on



Try us for six weeks and  If you do not agree we have the highest quality members of any dating agency   in the UK tell us and we will give you a 100% refund toward any other dating agency in the World,


TRY  OUR  SERVICE  FOR 6 weeks, meet up to three members and if YOU do not agree that we are TWICE as good as ANY OTHER matchmaking  service in the UK we will refund ALL your membership fee towards any other dating service in the world!

Other guarantees include

Change your mind for three days after joining for a full refund

Have a 50% refund in your first two months, whether you are moving away or met your partnereven through us,  in fact for any reason

Lose your job within 3 months of joining? have a 50% refund on  us.

Should we fail to provide you with AT LEAST 10 top quality introduction IN A YEAR we refund.

For full details of all our refunds, membership levels and prices see:


We're a specialist service for single PROFESSIONALS, ladies aged twenty four to forty three and

and gentlemen to aged fiflty nine.


For ladies and men aged over forty you may attend social events (usually two Drinks and dinner parties a week in London).  for details see


With 30 years experience in the trade and by listening to the complaints we have received from

members of the public, we know the good and bad introduction agencies in the UK. Some agencies we

regard as one step above a scam. Our best advice is to call at least two or three dating agencies and

ask them probing questions like "if I only get a few poor quality introductions what happens", If they

say they will extendi your membership,  that means you could  get just one or two dates A YEAR for

many thousands of pounds. One lady joined an agency costing well in excess of £5K who catered for

"the very affluant" and who's last date was decribed as a "senior security consultant with his own

business" who turned out to be a bog standard police officer with a 1 car car hire business with a

turnover  of £5,000. Read ANY contract well before joining. On the other hand we know of 1,000's of

people that have met their lifetime partners through good introduction agencies.


All single ladies are recommended to read We are so confident that after

attending one of these  one to one training courses.  if you do not consider it was  lifechanging we will

donate 50% of your fee to charity. We recommend this course regardless of whether you join an

introduction agency, internet dating or any other method of meeting people.


Many dating agencies specialise in providing personal introductions for professionals only.

Unfortunately they will always be   expensive due to the high marketing costs to attract and screen high

quality members (rejecting those you are likely to meet through internet dating - although his mother

cannot understand why? or ladies who tell you they are 38 because they think they look that age - no

they don't - they look every year of their 48!). The newer the introduction agency the more expensive

the fees are likely to be, as they will not have gained a sufficient reputation to rely on members

recommendations. Professional introduction agencies that have a successful track record of 10 years

or more can usually rely on 30% to 60% of their new members coming from the recommendations of

previous members, this keeps their marketing and membership costs lower.


So armed with this information you can see why the most expensive professional or a bespoke

introduction agency is not necessary  a superior service as you have to ask the question "how

many, and what type of people would need to pay such large fees".


All quality introduction agencies will require you to attend an interview usually at their offices or in your

home (often because they don't have their own office). Some agencies appear to have a fancy office by

using a vitual office address and/or  hiring a  room by the hour but you should spot this by the

impersonal nature of the surroundings. Some agencies make a charge for the interview others do not.


NEVER JOIN THE FIRST personal introduction agency you contact, always compare at least two or

three and make sure you read the contract well . BEFORE JOINING.


ASK to read a contract before attending an interview, as you can then see what they promise, or

otherwise, Some agencies will tell you they have "loads of sutable people keen to meet you" only to

find in your case you meet just one person after six months and upon reading your contract find the

you have agreed to a service where the agency are obliged to only provide a handful of dates in your

entire memberhip.


One agency charging small print  guaranteed to introduce you to just ONE person in 6 months  for

£12K So by providing just one introduction they've fulfilled their contract, another dating agency

guarantees just two introductions throughout your membership (neither are ABIA approved - The trade

association for reputable agencies more info? see ).


If a dating agency makes rosy promises at your interview ( "2000 members" , "loads of young attractive

ladies", not a problem being an overweight smoker with 10 children under 6" ask them to write such

promises on your contact. (To compare an agency against the highest standards visit 

and read the contract. See how close other introduction agencies can meet these guarantees).


With very few exceptions, most professional introduction agencies are based around London as it is

difficult to obtain sufficient clients of a high enough calibre to sustain a local business. Generally if a

school teacher could be the highest level of professional partner you would need, then a local

introduction agency could well provide an adequate service. and a lot cheaper  If however you require

to meet professionals at the "top end" of the scale then you will have little alternative but to join a

professional introduction agency in London even if you live in Leeds and be prepared to travel to

meet people.


This information is provided by The Executive Club of St James's ( the

only agency in the UK with money back performance guarantees) to help the public choose the

correct agency for their needs and avoid them wasting money on poor ones.


Specialist Professional Introduction Agencies you may consider joining are ( this is a list not an

endorsement as some we would definitely avoid):

Agency name / date estb. / typical cost of membership


  • The Executive Club of St James's /1985 / £200, £950, £ £1765, £4,650,
  • £9,975 and £14,500  with a success or full refund guarantee
  •  Over 40's Professionals, /1986 /  £139, £145.
  • Caroline Crowther /1994 / £100. £350, £650, £850, £2,500
  • Drawing Down the Moon / 1984 / £1,950 to £15,000
  • The County Register / 1994 /£2,000, £6,000 and £10,000
  • Sara Eden / 1988 / £700/£1,000/£1,500/£2,550/£4,100/£6,000/£10,000
  • Seventy Thirty / 2005 / £13,000,  TO £100,000
  • Berkeley International / 1998 / from £9,500
  • Gray & Farrar / 2005 /  FROM £18,000
  • Only Lunch / 1996 / £1195 (ceased trading Feb 2009) ABIA GUARANTEED SERVICE APPLIED
  • Fiona Smythe / 2003 / £117, £590, £1500 (ceased trading Jan 2009) ABIA GUARANTEED SERVICE APPLIED
  • RSVP /1993 / £400, £900,  £2000


  • Affinity /  £790, £950/£1,450
  • Court & Social ( telephone line unobtainable April 2009) NON ABIA PROTECTED
  • Rhodes-Harvey / 2005 / £ ???????? **
  • Seaforth Match / £6990 (telephone line "unobtainable" Feb 2009) NON ABIA PROTECTED
  • Grosvenor Associates / 2007 appear to have disapeared!
  • ** For more information about the trade organisation see

    ** they work a different way, they do not have a membership base but place adverts in the upmarket media.

BEST DATING TIPS. ALWAYS contact at least two agencies before making a decision to join one.

Ask for copy a of a contract BEFORE attending an interview and read it. Does it guarantee a

minimum number of introductions and what happens if they fail, you could have just two

introductions a year and your membership extended for ever!


Some agencies will charge you over £1,000 if you change your mind  the next day, and some  make all

members sign a legal declaration forbidding them to make negative comments to anyone even to your

sister! Read it well. There are good agencies and unfortunately some rather dubious agencies.

A good professional introduction agency will greatly enhance your chances of finding a partner.


see:  for full details


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